New Map Italy

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"New Map Italy" by Herbert Ypma is a beautifully designed guidebook that showcases the best destinations, hotels, restaurants, and experiences that Italy has to offer. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway to Venice or a family vacation in Tuscany, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the best of Italy.

Important points:

  • The book features over 200 of the best destinations in Italy, including famous landmarks and hidden gems.
  • It includes recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants, and cafes in each destination, as well as practical information such as transportation and local customs.
  • Ypma's writing style is engaging and informative, providing readers with an insider's perspective on Italy's culture and history.
  • The stunning photography and design of the book make it a perfect coffee table book, as well as a practical travel guide.
  • The book is organized by region, allowing readers to easily plan their trip based on their interests and preferences.


  • Author: Herbert Ypma
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 240
  • Language: English