Miami Beach

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"Miami Beach" by Horacio Silva is a stunning visual journey through the vibrant and eclectic culture of one of America's most iconic cities. This book provides a unique insight into the fascinating history and architecture of Miami Beach, as well as the diverse range of art, food, and fashion that make it such a compelling destination for visitors and locals alike. From the Art Deco hotels that line the oceanfront to the pulsing energy of South Beach, this book captures the essence of Miami Beach in all its colorful glory.

Some of the most important points of "Miami Beach" include:

  • A comprehensive overview of the history and culture of Miami Beach, from its early days as a swampy mangrove forest to its current status as a global hub of fashion, entertainment, and tourism.

  • Stunning full-color photography that showcases the city's unique architectural styles, from the pastel-hued Art Deco buildings of Ocean Drive to the sleek modernist structures that dot the skyline.

  • In-depth profiles of some of Miami Beach's most iconic cultural institutions, including the Wolfsonian Museum, the Bass Museum of Art, and the New World Symphony.

  • A closer look at the vibrant culinary scene in Miami Beach, with profiles of some of the city's most acclaimed chefs and restaurants, as well as recipes for some of their signature dishes.

  • An exploration of the city's thriving fashion industry, with a focus on the emerging designers and boutiques that are putting Miami Beach on the global fashion map.

Book details:

  • Author: Horacio Silva
  • Publisher: Assouline
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 272
  • Publication date: October 2021
  • Language: English