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"Lighter: Let Go of the Past, Connect with the Present, and Expand the Future" by Yung Pueblo is a powerful self-help book that aims to help readers heal from past traumas, let go of negative emotions, and connect with their inner selves. Drawing on his own experiences as well as his extensive background in meditation and mindfulness, the author provides practical tools and insights to help readers live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Some of the most important points of the book include:

- Understanding the root causes of our emotional pain and learning how to overcome them
- Cultivating self-awareness and compassion for oneself and others
- Letting go of past hurts, regrets, and resentments through forgiveness and mindfulness
- Embracing the present moment and living more mindfully and authentically
- Creating a vision for a brighter future and taking concrete steps towards realizing it

Here are some additional details about "Lighter" by Yung Pueblo:

- Pages: 224
- Author: Yung Pueblo (Diego Perez)
- Publisher: TarcherPerigee
- Publication date: October 5, 2021
- Format: Hardcover
- Genre: Self-help, Personal Development