Funny You Should Ask

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"Funny You Should Ask" by Elissa Sussman is a delightful novel about friendship, love, and the importance of being true to oneself. The book tells the story of twenty-one-year-old Ari Fishman, who has just landed her dream job as a fact-checker at a prestigious magazine. However, things quickly go awry when Ari discovers a major mistake in an article, and her boss puts her in charge of fixing it. As she races against the clock to get the story right, Ari must also navigate office politics, deal with her romantic feelings for a colleague, and figure out what it means to be a successful adult.

Some of the most important points of the book include:

- The importance of honesty and integrity in the workplace, even when it's difficult
- The challenges of being a young professional and trying to find one's place in the world
- The ups and downs of friendship and romantic relationships, and the importance of communication and trust
- The power of humor and laughter to get through tough times and connect with others

Book details:

- Author: Elissa Sussman
- Publisher: Oni Press
- Format: Paperback
- Pages: 256
- Publication date: May 2021
- Genre: Contemporary fiction, Romance