1001 Bicycles to Dream of Riding

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"1001 Bicycles to Dream of Riding" by Guy Kesteven is a beautifully illustrated guide to the most iconic and innovative bicycles ever created. From vintage road bikes to modern mountain bikes, this book celebrates the beauty, design, and engineering of bicycles, and offers insights into their history, culture, and impact on society.

The most important points of this book include:

  • Over 1001 bicycles from different eras, styles, and disciplines, with detailed descriptions, specifications, and photographs.
  • Stories and anecdotes about the people who designed, built, and rode these bicycles, from legendary champions to everyday enthusiasts.
  • Insights into the social, cultural, and technological contexts that shaped the evolution of the bicycle, from its early days as a novelty to its current status as a symbol of freedom, health, and sustainability.
  • A mix of classic and contemporary bicycles, from well-known brands like Bianchi, Raleigh, and Trek, to lesser-known gems from around the world.

Details of the book:

  • Author: Guy Kesteven
  • Pages: 960
  • Publication year: 2018
  • Language: English
  • Format: Hardcover